All in the boots – Surry Hills

The best time to style hunt in Surry Hills is during the week, because the locals, the ones who live or work there are far more interesting than those who flock here to shop, wine and dine on the weekend. I’m sorry, am I being mean?

I am just being honest, like any other suburb in the world that’s going through the gentrification process, I think Surry Hills will sadly be flooded with prams in about 5 years’ time. Scary thought, isn’t it! First the junkies move in, then the trendies move in, finally the yuppies move in and then it’s all ruined. At the moment you do spot young mums during the week, but they are always sans pram, much to my relief.

Well, I guess that means we better enjoy it while it lasts. Enough rambling!

Chris below is an architect who works in Surry Hills, he cites Mad Men as his favourite show, indeed! I can see Chris walking right onto a Mad Men set without skipping a single beat.

mens street fashion

mens street fashion

Name: Chris
Occupation: Architect
Describe your style: Practical, 50s modernism inspired with a dash of colour.
Favourite fashion designers: Thierry Mugler
Favourite clothing stores: Assen (Melbourne), Somedays, Shag, Surry Hills and Glebe markets.

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  1. It is possible to push a kid in a pram and still belong in the inner city. You may need to broaden your view of what constitutes an interesting person. Shock, horror. Some of them are actually mothers too.

  2. I didn’t say mothers aren’t interesting, I know plenty of itneresting mothers. What I’m trying to say is that Surry Hills hosts a very specific set of characters and personalities, when eventually the yuppies move in and the rent hikes up, those artisitic bohemians types will inevitably start to move out. When that happens I will be sad to see the surburb shift into a new persona.

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