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sydney mens street fashion and style

sydney mens street fashion and style

Name: Justin
Occupation: Art production for movies and TV
Describe your style: Very eclectic and hippy-ish.
Favourite fashion labels: Balenciaga
Favourite clothing stores: C’s Flashback, Balenciaga.

There was an interview on the NY Times website recently on Scott Schuman of The Sartorialist. First of all, let me say that I love Scott’s work, when I first came across his blog many years ago, I looked at his archives for hours on end, feeling extremely inspired. He also inspired me to start this very blog!

In the interview he said that he prefers not to talk to his subjects, he doesn’t want to get to know them, he prefers to portrait them as he sees them. I thought about what he said and I have to say I disagree, of course this is my personal approach and we’ve all different preferences. When I first started the blog, I didn’t really chat with my subjects, I just said I’ve a street style blog and I’d like to take their photo, I’d take their photo and scribble my blog URL on a piece of paper for them. I have to say, that resulted in many awkward photos, some people were obviously uncomfortable in front of my camera. Perhaps it’s different for Scott, he’s well known enough that people trust him and his blog and puts on their best side for his camera. Anyhow, in 2009 I was approached by H&M magazine to take some Sydney street style photos, they had a set of questions for every photographed subject. H&M never used my photos but I liked talking to people about their personal style and their take on fashion. I liked it so much I’ve been chatting with my subjects ever since and all over the world!

Now I do a mini interview with my subjects before I take their photos, I record it on my iphone, because I can never read my hurriedly scribbled notes! I find that 2 or 3 minutes of chatting will relax the subject immensely, we build a rapport and the photos are much better in the end.

Schuman’s interview is here:

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