Art Nation – xssat on TV!

Many of you may know that I just had my TV debut! That’s right, earlier this evening I had my very first TV appearance talking about… you guessed it, this very blog! Born out of my love of both fashion and photography, I started xssat over 2 and half years ago, it was only meant to be one of the my many side projects, but since then xssat has become my passion, almost a part time job and something much bigger. It’s taken a lot of hard work, many hours of scouting the streets, photographing, editing and thinking, but you know what, I love every single minute of it. I’m constantly thinking of how to improve my blog, how to create better content and how to engage with my readers. My belief is that if I can keep creating relevant and great content, then the rest will follow, it’s taken a while, but all that hard work is definitely paying off.

ABC first contacted me in January about appearing on the show and it took weeks of emails, phone calls, a phone interview to lead finally to the filmed interview with Fenella Kernebone. Seeing myself on TV was a little surreal, to be honest, I never thought I’d be on TV, let alone talking about street fashion on TV and being talked about alongside some street fashion and photography greats, namely Scott Schuman and one of my favourite photographers, Robert Frank. Just thinking about having my work shown alongside those of Robert Frank’s gives me goosebumps.

On the day, Fenella was lovely and put me at ease straight away, I wasn’t nervous at all. I was wired up on the day with a transmitter pack clipped to the back of my skirt and a tiny mic taped to my bra! I have a lot of friends who are photographers, so I’m used to having big cameras pointed at me, but a big video camera was still quite daunting. Repeating the same sequence for multiple takes and angles were all new to me. I love new experiences and being out of my comfort zone from time to time, so it was a very fun and enjoyable morning!

I can see the view count spiking right now and I’ve no idea what this press will bring, but wherever this blog is headed, you can be sure that I’m committed to bringing great content to you. So now without further ado, here’s my segment on ABC’s Art Nation.

Here are the shots I took at the filming of Dana Fernie and Emily of Little Black Book.

Dana Fernie

Emily Fang Little Black Book

Here are some behind the scenes pics taken on the day by Dana and Emily.

xssat xiaohan shen on ABC art nation

xssat xiaohan shen on ABC art nation

Special thanks to Dana and Emily for appearing alongside me in the show :)

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  1. LOVED IT. WAS so happy to see you on screen. It’s that classic…”I know her! I know her! She’s on TV”. Funny that TV still has that magic. You looked so good and spoke with such eloquence

  2. Enjoyed your segment on Art Nation, Xiaohan. My site muses about stories rather than the sartorial, but I am interested in culture in many guises. Best wishes with your work.

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