Sydney tweed ride

Sydney tweed ride

Last Sunday was the Sydney Tweed Ride. It was so much fun! To photograph, not to ride, I’ve never attempted both at the same time, perhaps I should! Back to the tweed ride, Sydney City was literally taken over by gentlemen and ladies dressed up in old fashioned attire featuring lots of tweed. Shame about the helmets law here, but nonetheless everyone managed to look dapper and gorgeous!

Sydney tweed ride

Sydney tweed ride

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  1. I generally enjoy your blog but I think it’s a bit irresponsible to say something like ‘shame about the helmets law here.’ Certainly it takes away from the aesthetics of the whole event, but helmets blah blah you can see where I’m going with this.

    • I’m not against wearing helmets, but I’m not for it either, though I do always wear one when I ride my bike. To me the shame lies in that Sydney isn’t yet a bicycle friendly city and drivers aren’t tolerant of cyclists comparing to a lot of cities around the world, most of them don’t have the helmet law.

  2. Awesome shots, and you’re right it is a shame about the helmet law here. No it’s not irresponsible to want to ride without a helmet at times, and for this sort of riding it is perfectly safe to do so.

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