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Ever since I started shooting for last year, I’ve been patiently taking screen shots of my front page features and storing them safely. Last count this morning, there were 13 screen shots in my folder, I’m sure I’ve missed a couple too and all that doesn’t even include all posts on the Vogue & friends blog and photos on tumblr. I have to say, I feel very lucky working with Vogue Australia, some incredible opportunities have opened up and I’ve been able to showcase my work and style to a huge (and I mean HUGE) audience.

Here are 5 of my fav front pages to date!

xssat press front pages
What’s not to love when I see my own name on the front of!

xssat press front pages
Jessica Gomes looking stunning in Lover

xssat press front pages
Street chic at Woodford & Co

xssat press front pages
The incredible details of Vogue’s junior fashion editor Ilona Hamer

xssat press front pages
Can Miranda Kerr get anymore beautiful? I think not!

Big thanks to all my readers, couldn’t have done it without you! So here’s to another truckload of front pages! xx

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