How to wear a scarf – Lesson 2

If you’ve met Brenda, chances are she was wearing one of her Benah scarves as a turban. Her version of the turban comes across as so easy and effortlessly, it still amazes me, so much so that I had to get a one-on-one tutorial out of her.

This tutorial is best done with a silk scarf or a well worn cotton/silk mix scarf that’s soft and supple.

Lesson 2 – Easy Turban
1. Fold a large square silk scarf into a long thin strip by continually folding the two corners diagonally into the center. (If you are lazy, like Brenda is sometimes, just fold the scarf diagonally in half and roll it up that way.)

2. Place the center of the scarf at the back of your head, bring the two ends forward. Cover the top portion of your ears if that suits.
3. Swap the two ends of the scarf so it makes an X on your forehead.
4. Swap the two ends again to secure.
5. Pull back the two ends to the back of your head.
6. Knot the ends twice to secure.
7. Tuck the ends into the turban.

Et voila! So easy!

Brenda wears: Benah scarf (from her up and coming spring summer collection)

Check out Lesson 1 – Easy Peasy Triangle Drape if you’ve missed it.


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