Valentina Ilardi Martin – New York

Valentina wears: Her mother’s red dress, Rugby jacket and Marc by Marc Jacobs shoes.

I would’ve never thought to put khaki with red, in fact, I don’t even own anything in red, pinks and oranges, yes, red, no, I find it overpowers me and just generally doesn’t suit my skin tone. The way Valentina wears this red is so different, with the belted khaki light weight trenchcoat, you only see a sliver of red. That sliver of red is as if it’s there purely to compliment her red lips. Such understated perfection.

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  1. Absolutely inspiring.
    Effortlessly putting together things that couldn’t be more distant.
    And it works. Also, I am happy to see an editor wearing her own clothes,
    Instead of borrowing them as others do.

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