Backstage at Theysken’s Theory

One of my highlights at New York fashion week was definitely this, being backstage at Theysken’s Theory was a fantastic experience. It was all thanks to the lovely people at MAC for this surprising eye opener. After the mayhem of Australian fashion week in May, I needed to have a 2 weeks lie down, and if the atmosphere backstage at Australian fashion week was stressful and hectic then I thought surely it’ll be 10 times worse at NYFW. Except, I was wrong, so very wrong.

The backstage at Theory was calm, organised and even relaxed at times. Sure there’s a small army of models, MAC makeup artists, hair stylists, dressers, production team, but everyone knows what they are doing and no one yelled, no one even raised their voices. All the photographers and journalists were polite, everyone tried their best to step out of each others’ shots instead of the elbowing each other to get the shots. As each phase of the backstage preparation finished up, I thought surely now people will start stressing or yelling as the clocks counts down, but the makeup got done, the hair got done, walk through done, first looks done, I kept waiting, but the yelling just never came. Even when a couple of top models like Hanne Gaby arrived late from walking in other shows, they were simply rushed to have everything done at double pace.

The makeup was simple, focusing on dewy skin and a touch of dusty rose on the eye lids and lips. The hair were all wigs! Resulting in a models line up of Olivier Theyskens clones! The clothes and shoes were of course all to die for with a futuristic urban cool feel. Anything with a ‘5th Element’ vibe I love. Special notes goes to those ankle boots, simply divine!

Loved my time backstage at Theory and I’ve my eyes glued on those amazing shoes and their release dates. Got your eye on anything?

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