Sydney style file – Ginger & the Ghost

Just before Christmas, I had the pleasure of spending a day in studio with up and coming Sydney based band, Ginger and the Ghost. We spent the day chilling, drinking coffee and chatting (me), making a full stage costume (them). Honestly I felt bad just sitting there, watching and taking photos every now and then, when Missy (ginger) and her nimble fingers made a stunning costume out of what seemed like thin air, while Daniel (the ghost) was busy capturing the process on video.

I’ve always loved watching other people create things, I love watching people draw and watching Missy create her costume was just as mesmerising. Missy and Daniel base themselves in the corner of a shared creative warehouse in Sydney’s Alexandria. The ground floor is a woodwork workshop, where the guys makes shop fittings, stage, TV sets and props. Upstairs is shared by a bunch of creatives, an architectural renderer, a makeup artist and a costume designer who was working on stuff for Mad Max 3. With Grimes playing on the speakers, a rooftop vege patch in the works, it felt very creative, serene and even idyllic.

I came across Ginger and the Ghost at Sydney PR agency, Mother and Father’s Christmas party. The set was amazing, Missy’s vocal is stunning, Daniel switches between a few instruments, besides the beautiful projections of fireworks, it was Missy who I just fell in love with. The set ingrained itself into my mind so much that I knew I had to reach out and photograph Missy. So I did!

Sydney style file - Ginger & the Gohst

In the studio with Ginger & the Ghost

Sydney style file - Ginger & the Gohst

Sydney style file - Ginger & the Gohst

How stunning is the final costume??!

Ginger and the Ghost are touring the states in March. They will be playing at SXSW in Austin and CMW in Toronto, a massive coop for an emerging act! They will also be touring LA, San Francisco, New York and Montreal, dates and venues to be confirmed, so keep your eyes peeled!

To end this beautiful day spent with Ginger and the Ghost, I’ll leave you with the most amazing video clip of their latest single, Where Wolf.

Find Ginger and the Ghost on facebook and youtube.

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