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Chanel shoes | Xssat Street Fashion

Can you guess what I got?

Chanel black canvas espadrilles | Xssat Street Fashion

I’ve been lusting after these babies for what seems like an eternity, was it months, was it years? Ever since I first laid eyes on a pair of these, probably through instagram, they’ve never been far from my mind. I’ve bought and worn look-a-likes, I’ve thought about buying similar shoes by other luxury brands, but in the end, I knew no matter what, I’d still want these Chanel espadrilles. I emailed US department stores hoping they can help me locate some, I held off buying shoes for the last few months, I didn’t even buckle when the Net A Porter sale was on, finally I walked into one of Sydney’s Chanel stores and put my name down on the waiting list. That didn’t feel real, it didn’t feel real when the text finally came after a good 4 months to notify me a shipment of espadrilles have arrived, it didn’t feel real when I dashed from my house in record time, it only felt real when I had them on my feet.

That’s when I knew I had to have them. To most people, this post will sound like a whole heap of self justification, and perhaps it is, but I think there’s really something intangible in our desire luxury goods, it’s not rational, no matter how many cost per wear calculations I made.

So it’s time to put down my calculator and take these babies for a stroll!

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  1. They’re absolutely gorgeous! I’ve been tempted to get a pair for myself but I’m not sure I could wait 4 months just to get a pair, I’d probably splurge on something else in the meantime!

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