2014 – A Year in Review

I dread doing these posts, but then once I start I actually love taking the time and distance to look back and really appreciate everything that happened, everywhere I’ve been and everything I did. It’s been hectic, dramatic, challenging, but most importantly, tres exciting!

Here’s my 2014 in review via some of my favourite blog posts and moments from the year. Hop along on this time travel ride!

Chanel shoes | Xssat Street Fashion

The year started off with Chanel! Good call Ashka, pat on the back for me.

Xiaohan Shen in Shop Til You Drop | Xssat Street Fashion

Then I scored a double page interview in Shop Til You Drop about me, my blog and my photography.

5 Minutes with Alexandra Richards in Bondi Sydney Australia | Xssat Street Fashion

I got to interview Keith Richard’s daughter Alexandra, we had an amazing chat, it was such a surreal moment.

Sydney Style File - Lucinda Burtt | Xssat Street Fashion

Brought on some serious apartment envy for myself and just about everyone else who saw these photos of Lucinda’s light drenched pad.

Nicole Warne of Gary Pepper | XSSAT for Refinery29 | All the best street style at MBFWA Australian Fashion Week | Xssat Street Fashion

Shooting street style at Australian Fashion Week for Refinery29 once again.

Animated GIF fashion photo shoot - Snack Attack | Xssat Street Fashion

Snacking has never been the same after shooting this animated GIF editorial for Pages Digital. Note to self: Always play with your food!

Vogue Australia Spy Style | Elise Pioch Balzac at her country house | Photographed by Ashka Shen | Xssat Street Fashion

This is probably my favourite photo that I took in 2014 and I took A LOT of photos in 2014, probably something in the 20K+ mark, so that’s saying a lot.

Vintage inspired get up | Johannesburg mens street style | Xssat Street Fashion

I traveled to South Africa for the very first time to shoot South Africa Tourism’s Australian advertising campaign. I simply fell in love with Johannesburg, its people and its incredible sense of style.

Shanghai summer dress in Twenty Seven Names and Yvonne Kone | Xssat Street Fashion by Ashka Shen

Joburg was quickly followed by a visit to my hometown, Shanghai, where I re-explored all the “longtangs” where I spent a good chunk of my childhood.

Huangshan Yellow Mountain China photo diary | Xssat Street Fashion

Can’t forget the utter amazingness of climbing Huangshan on my own, where I truly felt the healing powers of nature.

New York girls summer street style |Photographer: Ashka Shen for Vogue Australia | Xssat Street Fashion

New York, New York, New York. Street styling for Vogue Australia in the big apple.

Sara Donaldson, Margaret Zhang, Camille Charriere & Vanessa Hong | NYFW New York girls street style | Xssat Street Fashion

And then it was fashion month! It was the most challenging thing, both physically and mentally, that I’ve ever done, but as you can see, the results speak for themselves. First up, NYFW.

Olivia Palermo at London Fashion Week SS15 | Photographed by Ashka Shen | Xssat Street Fashion

Followed by London.

Models off duty after Dolce & Gabbana at Milan Fashion Week | Xssat Street Fashion

And Milan.

Irina Lakicevic at Paris fashion week SS15 - Fashion style trends - Winter neutrals | Photographed by Ashka Shen | Xssat Street Fashion

Last but not least, Paris.

Daily Outfit - White on white shot in Paris on a perfect autumn day | Xssat Street Fashion

One of my absolute highlights was visiting Paris again after so many years, I even got to saunter along the banks of Seine in that perfect late afternoon golden light.

2014 has been full of travels, amazing fashion and incredible street style, from what I can gauge, 2015 is going to be epic, basically just like this year, but on steroids. So hold on tight, I can’t wait to dive in and I can’t wait to have you along for this fantastic ride! Let’s go 2015!

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  1. Hell yes, definitely a year to remember – and having you profile my space (minutes before I moved out) was lovely for me too. I like looking back, if only to nod, shut the book, then move on to new things. This year? I think Huangshan is on my wishlist.

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