White suit – New York fashion week

New York fashion week so far has been amazing. I am like a kid in a candy store and it seems anything and everything I point my camera at turns into a great photo. Honestly I was maybe a little intimidated for the first 5 minutes when I got to Lincoln Center on the first day, but since then I’ve just been on auto pilot. Snap snap. Today I only went to 2 offsite shows and I filled 20gbs worth of memory cards in roughly 2 hours.

I’ve only seen snippets of the shows, the clothes and the models so far, but a whole lotta street style. Seriously this city, it’s a whole other ball game about 10 levels above Sydney. Even the kids at fashion week are super stylish. I’m loving this checkered coloured shirt with white seersucker suit combo. I’d happily wear the adult version of that.

Would you?

Little miss sunshine – Bondi

sydney childrens street fashion & style

Photographing children can be so challenging, especially when I approach their parents on the street like this. Kids are shy, they aren’t used to this giant camera pointing at them and worst of all, I don’t have the time, plus I don’t even know how to built a rapport with kids quickly. Fail. But nonetheless out of the few shots I click, I always and I mean always, manage to get just one great shot. Children don’t pose, they might just stand there, but they are completely natural and completely unconscious of themselves in front of the camera and I love that!

This girl picked out her whole outfit, including the glittery pink shoes with flowers on them, her mother didn’t sound too sure about the shoes, but I like them. Nothing wrong with a glittery shoe!

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Mimi – Sydney

sydney kids street fashion & style

Mimi is such a cool girl! A simple rocker outfit, but the hat just makes it for me! Colour felt hat is definitely very on trend.

Camel overalls – Auckland

NZFW 2011 Auckland kids & childrens street fashion & style
Carhartt kids overalls

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Little man – Bondi Beach

Sydney childrens winter street fashion & style

I spotted this toddler at Bondi the other day, he was adorable and super stylish. The little grandpa cardigan, the single roll on the jeans, the tiny boots, the hat, the red and blue checkered shirt collar just peaking out. Great details on this grey monochrome look!