Simone – Paris

Simone Marchetti wearing Burberry initial blanket at Paris Fashion Week SS15 | Photographed by Ashka Shen | Xssat Street Fashion

Simone is probably the best dressed man at fashion month, his outfits are always simple but well thought through and put together. Like the burgundy in this outfit, not too matchy matchy, subtly done just right.

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Hello from Johannesburg

Johannesburg Maboneng Main Street mens street style | Xssat Street Fashion

Johannesburg Maboneng Main Street mens street style | Xssat Street Fashion

In case you’ve been living under a rock, ie not on social media, I’ve been in Johannesburg this past week with South Africa Tourism and it’s been utterly amazing! It’s pretty insane to think how much presumptions I and the rest of the world had about Joburg and how wrong we all are.

I mean it’s not like I thought Joburg would be super dangerous like people made it out to be, but then I also honestly didn’t expect to see such vibrant parts of town, complete with cool cafes, rooftop bars, stylish hipsters and dancing in the street at sunset.

Maboneng, where these photos were taken and Braamfontein have been my favourite suburbs, both in the heart of Joburg and were largely derelict up til 10, 15 years ago. There’s been an effort from the ground up to re-populate and rejuvenate the inner city, it’s very much still a work in progress, but I love what they’ve done so far. The vibe, the energy and everyone I’ve met are amazing and I simply can’t wait to show you more photos and share more details about this project!