Model Off Duty – Sydney

Model off duty | Punk chic leather & skinny jeans | Sydney girls street style | Xssat Street Fashion Model wears: White singlet, black skinny jeans, black hoodie, black leather jacket, studded buckle ankle boots and black leather handbag.

A good outfit is sometimes all about contrasts, I love her boho white singlet and feather necklace worn with her studded belt and boots. If there’s such a thing as boho punk, I think you are looking at it right now. A white singlet, black skinny jeans and leather motorbike jacket are all things we have in our wardrobes, why not give this look a go?

Model Behaviour

Models off duty NZFW New Zealand Fashion Week | Animated GIF | Xssat Street Fashion

I love shooting models off duty! Models do have their own unspoken dress code, khaki parkas, skinny jeans, ankle boots, basically comfort dressing but with oomph, paired with their runway hair and makeup, it always makes for a nice juxtaposition and a great shot, or 2, or in this case, 3. Golden sunset hours certainly helps too. Ready? Strike a pose or 3.