MBFWA Sydney Australian Fashion Week girls street style - Zanita | Xssat Street Fashion

Yesterday was the first day of Australian Fashion Week, I am totally exhausted, but it was brilliant! One of my favourite things about fashion week is actually catching up with the fashion pack, seeing old friends while making new ones, hearing about everyone’s recent adventures and little stolen moments like that in between all the shows.

Zanita is one of my favourites to shoot, the way that girls pulls together tomboy and feminine is amazing and I always can’t wait to see what outfits she wears everyday.

1 down, 3 more days to go!

Snack Attack

Animated GIF fashion photo shoot - Snack Attack | Xssat Street Fashion All pieces by Prada

Animated GIF fashion photo shoot - Snack Attack | Xssat Street Fashion Top by Soot, Skivvy by Stylist’s own, Briefs by Calvin Klein, Pants by Ginger and Smart, Earrings by Kim Russel courtesy of the artist and Pieces of Eight Gallery and Sunglassed by Pared

Animated GIF fashion photo shoot - Snack Attack | Xssat Street Fashion Shirt by Viktoria + Woods, Top by Dion Lee, Jacket by Lonely Hearts and Ring by Illuminati Jewellery

Fashion week is a very serious business. So before I dive head first into it, here’s some fun I created recently for Pages Digital!

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What’s In My Bag – MBFWA Edition

What's in my bag - Fashion week edition | Xssat Street Fashion Kacey Devlin clutch, Alexander McQueen bracelet, Lancome lipstick and Michael Kors watch.

Australian Fashion Week is literally around the corner, IE next week, actually in fact, it’s already started with a bunch of off schedule shows this week. Today while chatting with a friend and colleague, I compared fashion week to hardcore narcotics, you are on this amazing high for a week, you are busy, you are running around, the energy and the buzz keeps you going, until day 4 or 5 when you get fashion week flu, and then you just crash and burn baby. Nonetheless I feel that we are lucky in a way to only have fashion week once a year in Australia, it keeps things fresh and exciting for us and we don’t get the chance to feel jaded.

To survive the mayhem that is fashion week, I have some new and old favourites. First up is my Kacey Devlin perforated leather clutch, it’s amazing and super roomy, it would even fit my emergency flip flops, a must for fashion week in my books.
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